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If you're new to A.A., or Non-Alcoholic please take the time out to read what follows to help you choose what meeting is right for you.

If you're Non-Alcoholic and your educator or employer is requesting that you attend a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous for educational purposes, please attend open meetings only.

OPEN MEETINGS: As the term suggests, meetings of this type are open to alcoholics and their families and to anyone interested in solving a personal drinking problem or helping someone else to solve such a problem.
See A.A. Fact File p.14 ©AAWS Inc.
  CLOSED MEETINGS: These meetings are limited to alcoholics. They provide an opportunity for members to share with one another on problems related to drinking patterns and attempts to achieve stable sobriety. They also permit detailed discussion of various elements in the recovery program. See A.A. Fact File p.14 ©AAWS Inc.
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